Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

     Hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.  We had our dinner yesterday. We always have dinner at my older sisters home and this year my mom was there too.  She moved down here a few months ago.  It was a really good day, aside from me being tired as I had worked all night...ugh.  But we all survived, lol. 
     Joseph had a blast playing and laughing and chasing his cousin Kylie.  He is still asleep this morning as I type this.  He is such a good boy.  He amazes me everyday.  So I know you are at the edge of your seat wondering if he had any dinner with us.......Well yes, yes he did !!!  He had the tip off of two pieces of asparagus, half a noodle, some small pieces of dressing and a small green bean !!! I know, who knew?!?!?!  Simply amazing!!!  So much to be thankful for.... 
     As I sit here I think of the posts I see on FB about family members of children with tubies giving the parents hard times about the child having a tubie.  It makes me so sad and mad at the same time. A feeding tube is not normal, I know that but neither is letting a child starve because they can't or won't eat.  People say "He/she will eat if they get hungry enough", uh no, no they won't.  I get the questions too from our extended family, "still not eating huh", "why won't he eat", "I bet I can make him eat".....I know you guys have heard it too, makes me want to scream....Don't you think I want Joseph to enjoy food and not have a tube.  A tube doesn't make life easier as many of them think.  Feeding schedules, insurance issues, vomiting, beeping pumps, and feeding non eating objects (bed, floor, car seat, stroller)...UGH !!!   
    I am so thankful that my close family get it and embrace Joseph and his tubie....

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