Saturday, November 19, 2011

I don't want to jinx us but.......

     So over the last few weeks Joseph has turned some sort of switch in his head.  He is actually asking to get in his high chair.  By asking I mean pointing at chair and yelling "Num Num !!!".  He is loving Nutella on crackers.  He licks the Nutella off and then bites the cracker into pieces.  He doesn't eat the cracker but biting is a huge step.  He will also bite pretzel rods into pieces.  He is actually eating Gerber puffs.  He will bite off a piece and hold it in his mouth till it gets mushy and then he chews it.  He will gag but he gets it down.  He is also breaking toddler cereal bars into small pieces a eat some of it.  It has been such a long wait but I am so thankful he is trying more.   Thanksgiving should be pretty interesting this year !!!

Fresh out of the bath !!

Pumpkin Patch with his cousins Kylie and Emma!

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  1. Oh God is so good! I'm so glad to hear that Joseph is doing so well. I bet this is exciting for you and Tim as well. We miss you all so much and we continue to pray for you as well. I just know that God is watching over your family and it's exciting for us to hear this good news. Love Delia and the girls :)