Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The un-obstructed bowel....And a Cardiology visit....

All I can say is Thank God and thanks for all the prayers for Joseph.....So the story....

As most of you know we started back on a mostly blended diet (BD) for Joseph a couple weeks ago.  The last time we tried this he got severly constipated and it ended in a trip to the ER so were were trying to be very careful this time.  After about a week of BD he stopped having bowel movements so I started giving him more Miralax and gave him an enema.  Waited 2 days to see if he would go, nope he didn't so it was repeated.  By Thursday he hadn't gone so I called te GI doc and got instructions from them.  So he got an adult enema.  Then no more poop so it was repeated. 
     So I get home from work saturday I could hear his belly from across the room. So I checked him and his belly was distended.  So we headed to Redmond.  Got there and got checked in.  We go get KUB and wait.  During the wait we get several pokes to get IV placed....TEARS !!!!  So then doctor comes in and says that they think he has an obstrucion.....UUUGGGHHH!!!!!  So he says that they need to transfer him to Floyd because they have pediatric services.  I asked him if he was sure they would take him due to his extensive history and heart.  He smiled and told me that I might be right and he went to call them.  I have to add at this point.  Joseph has not acted like he was sick.  He has been laughing and playing but his belly is just not right.
     So doctor comes back and said nope Floyd won't take him that he will have to go to Atlanta via ambulance.  So Daddy leaves to go get things that we will needed.  We get packed up and head out.  Joseph loved the ride.  He did so good, even nodded off for a few minutes. 
     We get there.  Get checked in and get in room.  The ER doc comes in and gets info but she gets called away for trauma so we wait for a bit.  Then Radiology comes in and says that they need another KUB.  As we head to x-ray we pass the ER doc and she say that the radiologist doesn't think it is an obstruction.  we get the KUB amid screaming, Joseph hates the x ray machine.  The techs were great and Boo got ballons after so that made him happy.  Again we wait.
   Daddy got here just in time !!! Doc comes in and says... NO OBSTRUCTION !!! Woooo hoooo !!!!
So what happened......the enemas and extra mirlax allowed his colon to fill with air.  He was empty.  Poor baby.....So we get discharged and head home.  He will follow up with GI tomorrow and get another KUB to make sure everything is okay.

   Now for cardiology.....We always have anxitey when we have to go to see Dr. Romp.  Not that he is a bad guy, just the opposite wonderful guy but if you have a heart kid you understand where we are coming from.  So we get in room and wait just a few minutes and he comes in.   Oxygen sats were 100%, perfect! And the ECHO begins.  Right away we see the four chambers and I know where his right pulmonary veins should flow into his right atrium....yup there they were, great blood flow.  Both ventricles are pumping very good, great movement no dialation.  The left ones are harder to see but they were there.  No measurable tricuspid regurg so no pulmonary hypertension.  His ASD has the correct blood shunt.....WOOOO HOOO!!!
  Then we start discussing his heart.  Dr.  Romp said the most wonderful thing we have heard...."Treat Joseph like a kid with a NORMAL  heart"  What???? Did I hear you right....NORMAL????  Yes, yes that is what he said.  It was all I could do to hold the tears back.  No plan for cardiac cath unless he should become symptomatic and he said he would see us in 9 months!  He also added that again that had he not known Joseph's history he would not think there had ever been anything wrong with his heart.  I then asked about his thoughts on the chance of him having an issue with PVS in the future.  He said if they veins are going to re-stenosis it usually happens very quickly.  He added that the further you get from the surgery it dramatically lowers the chance of it happening...Music to our ears ♥ He said that Joseph was a testiment to the skill of the surgeon that did Joseph's repair.  Thank you God for giving Dr. Turrentine the skill and knowledge to save our son......