Sunday, February 3, 2013

4 years post op....

     Today marks the four year anniversary of the surgery that saved Joseph's life.  It was a horribly long day that day.  Joseph went to the OR twice that day. He then a few days later again to close his chest.  With God's grace and the skill He and direction He gave Dr. Mark Turrentine, Joseph's heart was repaired!!!
Joseph after two trips to OR.
     We are so blessed.  Joseph is doing so good.  He is doing things "they" said he would never do!!  He can verbally spell his name and a couple other words (bug, car, cat and almost flag!).  When he sees words he can verbally identify at least 80% of them!!!  Simply amazing....  He LOVES school and I am so glad I was "pushed" to send him.  He can count to 3 and can identify many colors and shapes.  He loves books, no really he LOVES them!!! We read at least 3 books a day and usually more than that. 
     He is scheduled for a cardiac cath on March 1, 2013.  His last one was Sept 2010.  UGH!!!  Yes it has been that long!!!!  Like I said, BLESSED!!!  His body has had several illnesses, pneumonia, type B flu and we did not have to be admitted to the hospital!!  This speaks volumes for his health!!!

     So how does one celebrate this....He has requested to go to Old Navy, Lowes, Walmart and the Fishie store!!! LOL!!!