Wednesday, May 18, 2011


     So we had to be at the hospital at 730.  Ugh.....  So we get there, get checked in and then the waiting started.  We met 3 other families with kiddos who were having Botox also.  Two had had it done prior and Joseph and another little boy were having their first time.  So 9 am comes and goes and we still wait...
     About 1030 we went up to another holding room and wait far a bit longer.  Joseph was very good.  I was very proud of him because he hadn't had any feeings since midnight.  So about 1130 or so we get back into the procedure room.  Get the "speech" from the hospital staff and we try to get an IV in him.....then the screaming begins....The nurse was great.  She felt so bad.  She got the first one but his vein was as big as the needle and it was up against a valve so it wouldn't work....second one she got in too but when it was flushed the vein blew....UGH !!!! So she called in the big guns...LOL.
     Enter Joseph's new best friend.....cue the lights....The next nurse came in and she popped one right in....a little bit of Diprivan and Joseph was asleep....It was kinda weird.  He had been crying so he had tears on his face but he was asleep.  I laid him back on the pillow, kisssed his head and had to walk out of the room....cue the tears...only a few.  He was done and awake in about 20 minutes.  Woke up smiling and laughing, shew !!!
     So he got 10 injections and we should see difference in about 2-3 days.  He will get therapy tomorrow and friday and then several times next week.  Man I hope it works.  The two kids that had had it before were on their third time.  The parents said it really helped so that is we wait and see....Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.  

PS...Just to add a bit.  They had Joseph hooked up to an oxygen sensor during the IV placement and of course during the procedure.  During the screamfest he maintained his sats above 92 and when he was asleep he was 95-97.  Didn't need any oxygen of course...That's my boy !!!!

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